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Mike Bonifer

Mike Bonifer is a co-founder and partner at bigSTORY, a company of strategists & practitioners who are first in the world to utilize quantum storytelling, an emerging organizational science that accounts for how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behaviors.
Throughout his professional life, Bonifer has been in the forefront of emerging storytelling practices and technologies. As the publicist on Tron, the author of The Art of Tron, and the writer and producer of Computers are People, Too, he explained computer-generated imagery to the analog world. As a founding producer of The Disney Channel, he pioneered the Walt Disney Company’s entrance into cable television with the legendary documentary series, Disney Family Album. As the producer of the award-winning website for Toy Story, he introduced movie fans to Pixar’s extraordinary storytelling. He co-founded Network LIVE, producer of some of the biggest online music events in history, including 2007’s Live Earth concerts for the environment, for which he served as Chief Storyteller.