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Janet Tashjian is a middle-grade and young adult novelist who's been writing books for children for over two decades. Her first novel "Tru Confessions" was made into a critically acclaimed Disney TV movie starring Clara Bryant and Shia LaBeouf. "The Gospel According to Larry" series is a cult favorite and "Fault Line" is taught in many middle and high schools. Her bestselling "My Life As a Book" series is illustrated by her son, Jake. Her latest book, "My Life as a Meme" is the 8th installment in that series. They also collaborated on the "Einstein the Class Hamster" series. Janet collaborated with fellow Macmillan author Laurie Keller on the chapter book series "Marty Frye, Private Eye." Janet currently lives in Los Angeles and made her new home city the setting of the "Sticker Girl" series, which details the adventures of Martina who overcomes being shy with the help of her magical stickers that come to life.