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Anabel Hernández (born 1971) is a Mexican journalist and author, best known for her investigative journalism of Mexican drug trafficking and alleged collusion of government officials and drug lords. She has also written about slave labor, sexual exploitation, and abuse of power. She won the Golden Pen of Freedom Award 2012.
Anabel Hernández spent five years investigating and writing her 2010 book Los Señores del Narco (Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and their Godfathers), which was later translated into English. The book has sold over 100,000 copies but Hernández says its popularity is an indication of the absence of information about the drug trade in Mexico.
Her book details how the Mexican authorities sided with the competition among the drug cartels. She also writes about the relationship between the Mexican government and United States agents, and the impact it has had on the Mexican Drug War, including the beginning of the methamphetamine trade by the Sinaloa.
Hernández has received numerous death threats since writing about the drug cartels and is under protection.