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Abraham Vazquez

Born in Parral, Chihuaha and barely 19 years old, Abraham Vázquez is today one of the most promising young singer-songwriters in the Mexican Music Scene. Abraham discovered his gift for composing at the young age of 7 when he wrote his first song to his mother, but it was until he was 14 years old that he decided to dedicate himself to writing music. 
At the beginning of 2019, Abraham Vázquez premiered his first hit under Del Records, "El Dos Pistolas", a corrido that he sings alongside the group of the moment T3R Elemento and the promising group Los de la O, a song where his authenticity can be appreciated. On February 28, after conquering digital platforms with his first singles, Abraham released his first album called "Puro Pa'Delita" that reached #1 on iTunes on the week on the week of its debut.