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Alma Catalan

Arts Ed Consultant
Alma E. Catalán is an arts advocate and believes in the value of the arts in all communities. Ms. Catalan holds a BA from California State University Long Beach’s Film Production Program. Alma’s career has taken her from working on film sets, theater productions, to working with youth. As an arts educator, her goal is to provide a space for Latinx youth to share their untold stories of navigating in a bicultural world and offer a new perspective and an alternative point of view about the American experience.

In her last position, Alma was the Community College and Arts Programs Coordinator for Kid City Hope Place, college access and leadership program in downtown Los Angeles. In this position, she worked directly with youth and shared her personal experiences as a first-generation college-goer and Latinx, and arts educator. In doing so, she hopes to inspire and support the next generation of artists, musicians, curators, art historians, and the like.
Topics for conversations:
Arts. Arts Management. Arts Education. Arts advocacy. Arts equity. Creative economy. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the creative economy and arts field. Youth Programs. Youth Leadership. First generation College goers.
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